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The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances, headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States. The Fortune 500 company has annual revenue of approximately $21 billion, 92,000 employees, and more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. The company markets Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, JennAir, Amana, Gladiator GarageWorks, Inglis, Estate, Brastemp, Bauknecht, Ignis, Indesit, and Consul. Their website also mentions Diqua, Affresh, Acros, and Yummly brands. In the US, Whirlpool has nine manufacturing facilities: Amana, Iowa; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Cleveland, Tennessee; Clyde, Ohio; Findlay, Ohio; Greenville, Ohio; Marion, Ohio; Ottawa, Ohio; and Fall River, Massachusetts.

An employee shared this in a review, "Is not a place that is a good work environment Team leaders are not respectful to other employees. Team leaders do nothing to help employees learn the job on the line."


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Mark says

"Bought a range and it was damaged out of the box. Because I opened that box 49 hours after buying it, the retailer wouldn\'t take it back. Whirlpool has been unable to identify a repair person for 7 weeks in a town that\'s only an hour outside detroit. Customer service has been of no use."

Former Employee - Digital Marketing says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time for more than a year Cons: They want your life to revolve around work. And when you have a tragic event happen in your personal life, they do not care. They will not work with you and will replace you so fast without blinking an eye. Support from HR is nonexistent and they do not support employees like they say they do."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time Cons: However, your hard work won't be noticeable if you are not one of the favorites or the 'chosen' one. Gender bias is huge there. Forget about climbing the corporate ladder if you are a female. Very few women climb to the top. Culture is toxic. The worst I've ever experienced in my entire career."

Former Employee - Materials Manager says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Experience is viewed as liability. Constantly cutting older employees due to cost pressures and unrealistic stockholder promises by senior management"

Former Employee - Designer says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Internal conflicts among staff for promotions. Cliquey, huge egos, no room for growth. Design process centered on high level reviews and investor meetings instead of customer needs. Ambiguity in brand identity and design viewpoint."

Former Employee - Engineering Manager says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - Lots of in-fighting; Highly politized; - Layoffs every 12 - 18 months (i.e. really poor management of business fundamentals, and used as an excuse to elimate political opponets) - Extremely siloed (Though leaders claim it is not true) - Nearly all projects are pet projects. Results in project cancelations or starvation when a person moves to a new role or out of the company. Lots of wasted $$$ - HORRIBLE Leadership practices. Leaders look for "YES men", build power bases, and fight other leaders - Lots of wasted $$$. Leaders that are in 'favor' travel for vacations on company's dime. Those who are out of 'favor' can't travel for legitimate business reasons. - Departments constantly fight over projects, causing endless delays b/c of leader's egos. I know of at least 1 cooking project that is 5 years in development with at least 3 more years of development expected. - VERY poor project management."

Former Employee - Assembly Line says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time Cons: They don't care about you or your safety, leadership will lie to your face. Sexual harassment is over looked and corporate dose nothing"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time for more than a year Cons: Camera They are on you about attendance You have to stay right in front of the camera, it’s very annoying"

Former Employee - Team Leader says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time Cons: Your a number. The better you do the worse your treated."

Former Employee - Press Operator says

"I worked at Whirlpool Corporation full-time for less than a year Cons: Toxic work environment Mandatory overtime All about who you know"

Current Employee - Senior Mechanical Design Engineer says

"I have been working at Whirlpool Corporation full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Zero loyalty toward experienced employees, especially if you're over thirty, white, and male. No promotions except at the lowest levels. Management possesses no understanding of the technical side of the business, appearing to believe that employees exist in the world as interchangeable cogs. Layoffs, unheard of 20 years ago, now happen every three years, and loyal employees with decades of service unceremoniously find themselves kicked to the curb. I know of only one person the last six years who actually managed to retire on his own terms (without being forced into it). The company acts more interested in social justice than making quality appliances. I quit purchasing our appliances at employee discount several years ago, and plan to continue purchasing other brand appliances until I push up daisies. Everything gets sacrificed on the altar of share price, and those at the top continue to prosper while those at the bottom get treated like second-class citizens."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"While working there, they hired in new people making more than I did when I had been there for over a year. They fire you without telling you. While working in home they don’t pay for your internet. They don’t care about your personal well-being Cons: Short breaks, don’t care about Health"

auxiliar de produção (Former Employee) says

"Faciliator ou supervisor não valoriza o funcionário, fazem o funcionário de empregado, trata com ignorância principalmente os temporário que sofrem, fazem o funcionário varrer o chão da empresa sendo que o funcionário é contratado para auxiliar de produção, não auxiliar de de serviço gerais. Cons: Tenho que pagar pela refeição"

Procurement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very unhealthy workplace. Culture of have and have-nots, intimidation and narcissism the statu quo. One must be a "TYPE" to work long-term to be "successful" at this company. Cons: Work-life balance a joke, unhealthy internal competition (rivalry) is exploited, stress and illness rampant when advancing"

AJUDANTE PRODUCAO (Former Employee) says

"E muito estressante trabalhar na whirlpool os chefe e os encarregados querem que as pessoas trabalham doente lá dentro os que trabalham nos escritórios não estão nem aí com os próprios funcionários da whirlpool. Se os funcionários não resolver o problema de la dentro os de gravatas nem liga pra as pessoas é uma empresa estressante em tudo... Cons: Sim onibus especial"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"There it’s much to say to say about the company. I be there years I make the best of it . The best of the people that have bad things to do with it"

Utility Worker (Former Employee) says

"do not waste your time. Upper management are fools,making customer promises they know they cant keep.hr is a total joke.this place is horible job they expect way to much Cons: broken machines, breaks are to short"

Entry Level Production (Former Employee) says

"They do not respect your outside life, safety or input. You're an easily replaced number. Waiting for a permanent hire position takes three times as long as they said it would. Management is uncaring/unfeeling. Cons: Everything else."

Almoxarife (Former Employee) says

"Empresa muito Ruim nao respeito o colaborador não está nem aí para o funcionário"

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Due to the coronavirus the CEO, directors and management are sitting safe at home, forcing engineers to enter customers homes without the proper PPE. ( No hand gel, wipes or face masks). Cons: Mangagement"

vendedor de piso (Former Employee) says

"La marca Whirlpool es buena, los salarios y las prestaciones son pésimas, no dan uniformes, solo te dan fines de semana de trabajo, el seguro social solo es por 3 días, no dan aguinaldo, y el salario es pésimo.y la agenciamuy mala organización. Cons: Los salarios y prestaciones son pesimos"

Supplier Quality Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In Whp..They force you to write a good feedback about the company! They will treat you so bad unless they need something from you or you have a relative inside in upper management !Managers take it personally and will try to destroy you as soon as you are not on their side!Management has the ego that they know everything and you know nothing!"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"The company dose not reivest in equipment, The managers run when things go wrong and look to blame others,the company need to invest in new equipment,there is too much waste inspectiondue to poor inpe Cons: Bad management"

Trade Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Whirlpool uses Temp agencies Aerotek and Randstad and hires in class after class of temps lying to them stating it is temp to hire. Unless you have a relative already working at Whirlpool and are under the age of 50 you have a 1 percent chance of getting hired. They have a 99 percent turnover in both sales and Trade Customer service. Extremely low pay and the culture is that of a Junior High School, petty and gossipy."

Recieving Associate (Former Employee) says

"The pay was alright but they were not worried about the employees as much as they were worried about getting the numbers out. It was far to strenuous on all body parts and too many hours were required"

leads and supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Whirlpool is run as a corporation and cares only about the corporation and not the employees that keep the company in business. Corporate needs over workers needs"

Operateur de production (Former Employee) says

"Fermé pour délocalisation."

Assembler/Quality Control (Former Employee) says

"I was let go along with about 30 other people at the same time. No training. I met my boss one time. Never received any direction and was told what to do by other workers that I had no idea what their role was. Cons: Very Short Breaks....no Direction....production line type of work"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Customers and their faults no longer company priority ,very poor management detached from what's really happening in the field,wages low,no job progression opportunity,"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"No sympathy what so ever had some family issues brother was on his death bed and had to leave immediately when I got back they fired me even after I gave a doctors note said that they can’t take a doctors note even with proof of everything they still fired me"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"It's hard work, the pay is NOT enough for the amount of work. People are working like slaves but not getting paid what they deserve? I don't get it were in 2019!, NO AC I don't understand why? Benefits are good but pay needs to be more if they want people to stay, ac needs to be on!!! Cons: No ac, low pay, stressful"

Finger says

"Whirlpool Cabrio doesn\'t clean at all. It Sucks "

Ang Ree says

"My Whirlpool washer and dryer haven’t worked since I first received them, it’s near impossible to get them repaired, and every “repair” falls apart after a week. The washer never spins, washes, or rinses. The dryer constantly screeches without end when I put in a load heavier than 5 pounds. I swear to god, these appliances are the worst."

JAL says

"Customer service sucks, I bought a dishwasher crapped out before a year old. Called for service and now they are saying parts are on backorder. That was 8 weeks ago."

Kelly says

"Spent $1000 of my stimulus money to buy a new stainless steel fridge after 22 yrs of owning a frigidaire. What a mistake. Not only did the guys dent the door upon arrival but weren’t told we can receive a replacement free of charge soon after. Aside from that we have placed 4+ service calls and had to theow out over $500 in food purchases. We needed to replace a thermostat a fan and a freezer lightbulb. All this on a fridge that is 4 mos old! May I mention that my old frigidaire is in my garage and hasn’t skipped a beat. Guess I know what I need to do. DO NOT BUY ANY WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS ‘ESPECIALLY’ A REFRIGERATOR. BIGGEST RIPOFF AND GROSS WASTE OF HARD EARNED OR HARDSHIP MONEY. "

Ron Jones says

"I have been without a washer for 6 weeks now unable to get the parts for a current production model It is. Maytag but warranty goes thru Whirlpool . I have almost 500 minutes trying to get this done , short of calling them liars , each time I call I got someone different, never never have I received a call back ! I have never seen anything like it I’m at wits end ! PLEASE never ever buy Whirlpool or Maytag save yourself a world of aggravation! Please take my advice and don’t make the same mistake I made !

Leo Leung says

"I recently purchased 2 Whirlpool dishwashers for a renovation project.

Both dishwashers leaked (leak isnt the right word, they poured like a faucets and almost destroyed my floor) so I asked for a service, which its under the warrently.

They didnt show up nor leave me a message on the scheduled date (24th Dec, 2020). I had to call to follow up, which took 1.5 hours for someone to finally answering my call.

Since my procession date is Dec 30th, I requested Whirlpool to send me an email just so that I can show my buyer this issue is taken care of by Whirlpool, which they refused to send me any documentation or email that they will look after the dishwashers, when I request to speak to supervisor, they hung up on me.

My advise is not to use Whirlpool appliances' warranty, for similar pricing there are many other choices."

Bob Edwards says

"A microwave that on which we had a warranty to repair or replace failed... called to get it repaired and was told they don't repair them. Then asked what my options were and was told I could get it replaced but that had a fee even though the warranty did not imply that and the fee was larger than the cost. Trust is not great."

Lisa says

"Delivery of the KitchenAid exhaust fan never showed up after waiting for 5 hours. It was an unit costs almost $2K, so I was concerned. I called and spoke to agent Amxxxa. She offered no help to resolve the situation. When I finally told her I just want to cancel the order, she claims my credit card was never charged as Whirlpool only charges upon delivery - which is not true because I was looking at my statement as I wanted to make sure statements I made were correct. She then further pushed to put the reason for my cancellation as ‘Buyer missed the delivery, so requested cancellation’, to which I repeatedly corrected her that I did not miss the delivery; it's the delivery that never arrived. Then she said she will cancel and told me to expect an email. I was very skeptical so I asked for a reference number of this case/cancellation, which she said there is none. I asked to speak to her manager and she just kept talking over me non-stop until I finally raised my voice. Then she told me to calm down and wrote in the system that SHE was dealing with a customer who raised voice to her without explaining anything she had done prior to that (this was information shared with me when I finally called another service person to get some clarity on my order)!!! She then put my on a loop of elevator music and never connected me. This person and her behavior is beyond repulsive! She does not deserve to hold any job until she adjusts her attitude towards another person."

Austin Texas Stressed Out says

"Stressful dishwasher purchase.
We bought a Maytag dishwasher model number MDB 9959skzo.
last April 24- installed May 13. It’s been broken from the day we finally got it delivered. Broken sprayer arm, control panel, big items. Started breaking less than 6 months old and 3 major service calls gong on 4. I’ve spent hours on the phone, store visits and service calls to get my defected unit fixed and they won’t exchange “the lemon” for a new one. I’ve asked to exchange- no help or solutions-for a new exchanged unit. Obviously this is a defected machine.
I’ve been patient w covid but “ guess what” Whirlpool is the one not looking at my personal defected dishwasher situation and instead appeases me by extending my warranty not exchanging my unit. Definitelynot looking out for the consumer. Sad, I trusted this company for a good experience.
Less than 6 months and 4 service calls-
Wow- won’t exchange for new-
I bought the dishwasher to relieve stress not MAKE stress."

Dave Newport says

"I have a 2 year old Dishwasher. I specifically paid for an expensive Whirlpool so that it would be reliable. Today, the motor went out on it. $300 for this repair. I spend an hour and a half on the phone to Whirlpool who won't help at all. Two years and 2 months for a major appliance is a joke. DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL EVER!!!!!

P.S. Walter in Michigan was the supervisor who basically said I was screwed, after being transferred by Alex in Alabama. To her credit, Alex in Alabama tried to help. Her supervisor is the one that said Whirlpool never assists anyone after a warranty has expired."


"Purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher on 01/16/2020 it broke last week. I called Customer Service and they opened a complaint, after getting the run around with them trying to schedule me an appointment for service they told me that someone will contact me with a date. Three days went by and they emailed me no that I have to contact my own repair person. I called Corporate and they never responded to my issue. Today I re contacted Customer Service and they told me that there was no technicians in my area and I have to call someone. WHIRLPOOL Only cares about your MONEY nothing else."

Steph Trusten says

"I will never purchase any Whirlpool appliance again. I ordered a Whirlpool oven and stovetop range. The range was recalled because the burners had the ability to turn on by themselves. I was one of the lucky ones that this happened to on multiple occassions - therefore I had to shut the breaker off every time we weren't using it. I called the number for the recall and the woman was very nice however, I was told that due to so many recalls, they no longer had the stovetop range I originally had and I could either get my money back or get a new stovetop with knobs instead of touchscreen. I chose the knobs because I didn't want to go through the process of picking a brand new range at a store. She told me due to COVID they were also delayed about three weeks (where I believe COVID is a threat, I truly believe that most companies are using that as a scape goat, but whatever). Three weeks comes and goes. I finally call Whirlpool back and sit on hold for an hour and a half. A lady answers and tells me that my stovetop was received THAT day (imagine that) and that she can now connect me to the home installation department. I sit on hold for another hour to talk to another woman. She tells me the range can be delivered in two days and I have a window between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to be there - that's fine because I'm working from home. She said they'll call me when I'm their next stop and then again when they're ten minutes away.

The night before the delivery I receive a phone call from their automated system. It explains that my driveway needs to be empty so they can get the appliance in easily and that I need to clear off the counter/cupboards so the installation can be done with minimal time restraints.

Delivery day comes, I have the driveway clear, the cupboards emptied and the counter ready to go. The automated system calls again to tell me I'm next. Then the delivery driver calls and says they're ten minutes away. He then asks, is the old unit uninstalled and ready to be taken? I reply that I was never told that had to happen and everything up to this point sounded as though they would be doing that. They said they're from J.B Hunt and do not do any installations, only deliver. I was shocked as none of this was mentioned up until now. The J.B Hunt guy was very nice and said I should try to get it unistalled real quick because they can't give me the new unit until they have the old one in their possession. I said I'll do my best. My husband, who's never installed or uninstalled a stovetop worked quickly to figure it out. We have to take the entire unit apart because we've never done it before! The delivery guys were EXTREMELY nice and said they would wait ten-fifteen minutes for us to figure it out. He said if we didn't get it out though, that he would have to take the new unit back and I would have to call again and wait on hold for an hour just to reschedule drop off again. My husband got the unit out, we shoved it all back together so we could screw the top back down and the delivery guys took it.

I will be FURIOUS if they call and say they can't accept it. I will go to small claims court over this. During all the phone calls and all the conversations Whirlpool failed to mention that I needed to have the unit out and ready for them. I even received an automated message explaining that my counter and cupboards needed to be clean and ready. On top of it all, now we have this stovetop range just sitting in the box because again, we don't know how to install it! My husband is about to try because we didn't realize we would be without a stovetop- Whirlpool made it sound like it would be installed for us.

I will never buy a Whirlpool appliance again. Ever. Their lack of information was ridiculous. They used COVID as a scape goat and I sat on hold for a ridiculous amount of time. The only positive experience I had was the J.B Hunt delivery people who were extremely patient with us."

Luc Trepanier says

"I called to order a wheel that attaches…
I called to order a wheel that attaches to the lower rack in order to roll the rack out of my dishwasher.
The pin that holds the wheel to the rack broke off the wheel.
The wheel is made of plastic and so is the pin.
The wheel in question is about the size of a quarter and is worth about that price also.
They want to charge me $46 to replace it. WOW. Talk about gouging...a prime example. Shame on you Whirlpool. This should be classified as a felony. Highway robbery. How awful to be taking advantage of customers in these difficult times.
We should boycott such shameless companies.

Luc Trepanier"

Paul Morin says

"Purchased Maytag (Whirlpool) Front Load Washer in March 2017. 3 years and 4 months later a bolt that holds the rotor cover to the back of the drum assembly completed sheared off. Obvious that the material was inferior quality. Not covered by warranty. Authorized Whirlpool Service company quoted $1,896 to make the repair - we paid $751 for the washer. I fixed myself with a $10 OEM part and asked for reimbursement from Whirlpool for my direct costs - they declined. Never will purchase again any Whirlpool products!"

Jim says

"Bought a new microwave hood combo last April for our new house. Last December it had a defect that showed up. They will not fix it even if I pay for it. Then they send a request for an extended warranty. We have several Whirlpool appliances in our new home, but never again."

Deb says

"Purchased a whirlpool electric range in 2016. It started to rust 1 year later, next the burners have decided to operate primarily on high only. When I Emailed the service department regarding these issues, was told It was my fault for using the wrong cleaning products or because I live near salt water. Which I don’t .They would gladly provide me replacement parts at my cost.

Blaming customers for poor quality appliances is just sad. Needless to say I won’t purchase or recommend another whirlpool product."

Navin Singh says

"trash product !! never ever will purchase again and will try my friends family no not purchase those trash, my all appliances and gone bad in less then 2 years and the customer service is terrible"

Dottie says

"Awful! Everything today is designed for "planned obsolescence," forcing up to buy replacements.

I had a Roper (Whirlpool) set that lasted more than 30 years. It had been moved to five places in the US and then finally to Panama. When the two finally gave up the ghost, I'm now on my second washing machine--the second being a Whirlpool. It's awful. There's a setting for a second "drain and spin" for a reason: when a load is finished, many of the clothes remain soaking wet. No one makes manual machines any longer; they're all digital crap.

I've needed repairs twice to the almost-new Whirlpool dryer. I often have to run two 60-minute cycles to get everything dry. That's after running the "drain and spin" cycle twice on the piece-of-crap Whirlpool washing machine. (And yes, I do clean out the lint from the dryer often.) Absolute piece of crap!

I checked the box to "let Whirlpool know about my review," but they don't give a flip about bad reviews. Obviously. There are certainly enough bad reviews here. I'm pretty certain that any positive reviews pertain to older machines."

LJ says

"Horrible company, they have crazy processes and take weeks to get anything done.
My new washing machine stopped working after a month, it was under warranty so I contacted Whirlpool.
The technician came and said the pump is broken, it took Whirlpool two weeks to search for replacement part, they couldn’t find one, and it took them another week to approve an exchange, now they are saying it will take them a few weeks to order a new machine (I can buy one online and get it in two days). Once the machine is with the courier I’ll need to coordinate with the the technician to uninstall the existing and with the courier to later deliver the new and then with another technician to get the new machine installed.
You got this right, they are not only leaving me without a machine for week/months (during which I need to go to the laundromat and paying to get my laundry done), they are also expecting me to waste more of my time and coordinate with their subcontractors instead of their employees to coordinate with them."

JC says

"Jan 2017 the washer was no longer operational. Due to poor factory design the touch pad wiring harness was crushed during the initial assembly. The harness is routed behind the touch pad/pull handle faceplate in the door. The factory design provided no clearance for the harness. Obviously after little use (opening and closing of the door) the pinched portion of the harness behind the pull handle becomes compromised causing an ELECTRICAL SHORT.
I phoned Whirlpool the maker of the Maytag Stainless Steel Dishwasher for assistance, all they offered was a "repair plan" in excess of $300.00. I purchased this supposedly quality American Made Whirlpool product as well as a range, microwave, washer and dryer in the spirit of supporting US labor. Now I'm stuck with a dishwasher that has an ELECTRICAL SHORT, possibly a FIRE HAZARD and Whirlpool trying to milk me for more money. Please think twice before purchasing anything from this Michigan based company."

Meve H says

"Found a stand mixer at Canadian Tire with a promotion including a free counter top appliance (we chose a processor) as well as a $70 cash rebate. We purchased the mixer in December 2018 and immediately applied for both offers, and the process included manually entering a bunch of information as well as sending pictures of the receipt and serial number on the machine which we found very redundant. Within a few weeks we received our processor which had the same application process as the cash rebate, however the rebate has turned out to be a disappointing story without a happy ending. We were notified via email that our rebate application wasn’t processed correctly and we had to resend some details, had a hassle of a phone call to speak to the right rep in our country, only to be assured that we did everything right but she said it was an error on their end - which we are starting to find common with companies that offer cash rebates - and to still resend the photo of the serial number ‘to be safe’. We followed these instructions and never heard back. About a week ago we contacted them again to inquire about the status of the rebate application, and were told the rebate application was now past the application deadline, and there was nothing we could now do. They ever so kindly sent an ‘exception request’ to Whirlpool Corporate which was declined. Moral of the story is this company won’t waste $70 to keep a customer satisfied, and goes through shady means to do so. The fact that they have a deadline on a rebate offer at all is a bad sign, so hopefully if you read this you won’t fall for it like we did. We spent over $400 on this mixer and would continue buying from Kitchenaid/Whirlpool but due to the ignorance and disregard on their part we will make sure we don’t spend our hard-earned money on their products or lies again."

Lani Trezona says

"I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I am with this range, Model # WFE540H0ES. I get anxiety just thinking about having to use it. I bought an entire Whirlpool suite a month ago and this is the worst stove I have ever had in my life. I am very particular about keeping my range top clean and this is the worst to try to keep clean! It is extremely high maintenance and even though I clean it after every use, I cannot get all the marks off of it. I am so upset. I've only used this stove a handful of times and already after the first use, there are marks and scratches that will not come off. I could just cry as I waited a long time to finally get brand new appliances (I am 63 years old and this is the first time I have ever had new appliances.) It smudges so easily, scratches easily as others have said. It does not just wipe clean like the other glass top stoves I have had. I had to get special glass top cleaner and really scrub hard each and every time I use it for anything! I have severe arthritis, which makes this very challenging. I would ever recommend this range to anyone!"

Valerie Wells says

"Bought a black stainless dishwasher on Black Friday over a year ago. Moved in a few days ago, go to turn on dishwasher. Nothing. No lights, nada. Builder comes out to look, pulls it out from under counter top and discovers there is NO electrical cord. Call Whirlpool customer service they tell me that particular model doesn't COME with an electrical cord, it must be purchased separately!!!! I mean Nothing on the box, nothing in the owners manual, nothing at point of sale to tell you this is a necessary purchase for the damn appliance to work! It's like buying a car and discovering after the fact that the purchase price didn't include TIRES! What the hell is wrong with you people! I won't buy Whirlpool again due to this duplicitous behavior on the part of Corporate Whirlpool! Shame on YOU!"

Laura V says

"We bought a Whirlpool freezer-on-top refrigerator to replace our 40+ year old fridge of similar dimensions that was finally failing. Within 2 months, the Whirlpool refrigerator failed. Getting them to send someone out was like pulling teeth. Finally, they got a company to come out, but it took them 3 times to get the refrigerator to actually work (1st they had to diagnosis the problem, then they said it was a controller and replaced that, then they came out and changed out the compressor). The thing works now, but is super loud, much louder than it was originally. Really, they should have sent out a new unit. Now we're stuck with this loud, fridge that sounds like it is chugging all the time."

Katie Bells says

"We bought a stackable Whirlpool set (the \"top of the line). It\'s the worst appliance we\'ve ever owned in 38 years of marriage: (1) you have to intermittently lick your finger to get the washer to go on; (2) the washer locked and our clothes were stuck in the washer for THREE weeks; (3) the dryer has TWO filters; but the second filter crinkles up regularly so lint is always building up requiring an extraordinary amount of effort to clear it; (4) the dryer takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours to dry and even then we have to hang some of our towels. On the positive side: when it works -- about 40-50% of the time, the clothes are very clean, dry, and smell great. But the Whirlpool name means not what it used to. Our local retailer has tried many times to help us. We\'ve called Whirlpool customer service and they always promise \"we\'re going to get right back to you.\" They\'ve never called back. The executives at Whirlpool including the CEO, Marc Bitzer, should be ashamed of what they\'ve done to this once brand. katiebells99@gmail.com"

Troopster says

"Spent $10k plus on kitchen appliances and within 6 mos fridge lights don\'t work, Whirlpool wants to CHARGE for a service call. F- them I\'ll stand all these appliances on major highway showing how WORTHLESS they are. F- Whirlpool. Never again!"

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